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Postby Bicycle-Alley » Fri Apr 22, 2016 4:43 am

Brompton bicycles have a folded dimension of 23'' x 22.2'' x 10.6''. People are taking their Brompton bicycles on planes as carry-on luggage and storing them in the storage area above the seats. You can even take Bromptons on the Am-Trak train as carry-on luggage. For picture visit this website:

Brompton Mafia

However, the carry-on luggage area for a Greyhound bus is too small for a folded Brompton bicycle, but you can take the Brompton bicycle on a Greyhound bus as regular luggage without any additional fees. All Greyhound luggage must be smaller than 62 inches when you add the height, width and thickness, and a folded Brompton falls in that range.
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