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nike vapormax flyknit

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Rather than resorting to extra bulk, the Nike nike vapormax flyknit Air Raid was a shoe that needed to be built from the ground up. The sole stayed flat to ensure total contact with the ground and the quest to strike a balance between resilience and light weight resulted in an expressive and interactive design that worked with an outdoor environment. The heavy-duty lateral bumper was added out of necessity, padding was studied meticulously and Tinker s cross strap design delivered total lockdown through experience.  I was looking at how athletes tape their ankles. And to this day maintains a reputation as one of if not the single most comfortable roundball designs of the new millennium.

The Nike Shox BB4 s look was informed by its space age concept: a rocket and booster-like appearance was prepped for blastoff and served to amplify the explosive potential of the columns. The upper was designed for intergalactic exploration too, as Avar and the others at mission control researched astronaut apparel.  The upper was inspired from some space suits nike air force 1 for womens at the time. We kept it simple and understated, but modern with a slight iridescence and reflectivity. Study up on the first of the Nike LeBron saga below and let us know where the Zoom Generation ranks among your favorite all-time LeBrons!

The Nike Zoom Generation had to deliver. It represented the start of a relationship with a young nike running shoes phenomenon named LeBron James. The Nike Zoom Generation s lead designer, Aaron Cooper, was one of the first Nike employees to be in contact with LeBron. After being shown some of Cooper s earlier works, LeBron was asked what he was looking for beyond the looks. Without missing a beat James responded,?  Comfort. Thursday s look back at 2008 s Zoom Kobe IV was a reminder of how conventional wisdom can shift right under your feet, and today we get a look at a design and really, an entire fabrication process, that was inspired by the unlikeliest of combinations. ?

Shane Kohatsu ?of Nike s famed Innovation Kitchen noticed that Chinese ballers wore everything from mesh nike mens shoes runners to rugged workboots on the nation s rapidly multiplying outdoor asphalt arenas, then went to work on creating a balance of their collective advantages. ?The three-layered technical marvel that is Hyperfuse is born, and in 2010, the? Nike Zoom Hyperfuse ?became the first model to show off its incredible blend of lightweight breathability and strength. ?Lead designer? Leo Chang ?noted that the new seamless approach means  You have to draw everything, from the inside out, so have a look at various sketches and design notes after the jump and let us know where the OG Hyperfuse ranks in the annals of?

What instigates a game-changing innovation? A visit to China by Innovation Kitchen Designer Shane Kohatsu sowed some creative seeds for a new way of looking at sport footwear altogether. Seeing games played on the unforgiving blacktop in China in mesh running shoes and even hiking boots inspired a quest to create a balance of supportive, breathable and anti-abrasion elements that would unlock design entirely. The Nike Zoom Hyperfuse was a definitive solution  a durable composite material composed of three layers: a base layer that contains the foot, mesh that offers breathability and a skin that protects.Nike Basketball s all-time greats .

The signature shoe needs to reflect the athlete s personality as well as his or her needs. Kevin Durant s KD line has to encapsulate his remarkable versatility as well as his humble nature  confident without cockiness  resulting in nike react element 55 designs made for all-around play and a complete range of motion. The Nike Zoom KD IV s lead designer Leo Chang has worked with Durant since the start and sums up this shoe as?  A shoe that s stripped down to his essence?  ?nothing more, nothing less. The details in the shoe are worth noting as well, as the many  easter eggs carved into the design pay tribute to some special figures in KD s life. More of the KD IV below, so stay tuned Image for the next and final installment of Nike Basketball: 1992-2012!

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