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air jordans 1

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That should be more than enough reason to air jordan to make the annual Air Jordan 11 holiday release the Air Jordan 11 Space Jam to celebrate the 20th anniversary. I mean it's a no-brainer, right? The ball's in your court JB, make it happen. ÿþFor as long as I can remember, Air Jordan retros have been the "IT" when it comes to sneakers. I didn't really know anything about shoes until I got to high school. In 2004 I bought my first pair of retros, the Air Jordan 2 Black/Chrome. When I bought them I didn't even know that they were retros, I just bought them because I liked them. But as the months and years passed by, I noticed a few people at school would have some fresh kicks weekend after weekend (retros), and that's when I started getting interested in shoes.

While the high prices and high production numbers for this year's retros are a big part of the reason they don't sell out instantly anymore, I feel that there's more reasons why that is. Sometimes it can be because of a bad colorway or a certain retro that people aren't drooling over (see: Air Jordan 20). So here I have a compiled a list of 10 Air Jordan Retros Of 2015 That Didn't Sell Out Instantly and the reasons why I air jordan s think that was the case. This Air Jordan 1 Low released during NBA All Star Weekend that was SWAMPED with lots of releases. I'm not sure if it just got lost in the shuffle of all the other releases like the Air Jordan 10 "Bulls Over Broadway" and "Lady Liberty", or people just weren't really feeling this shoe. Everyone loves the classic "bred" colorway on the Air Jordan 1, just not the low air jordan 1 top version.

Jordan Brand knows they've got a treasure trove of colorways and models that sneakerheads would gladly pay that one hundred ninety dollars for and I'm not even just talking Air Jordans proper. The late '90s was also a great time for Team Jordans and now would be a great time to recognize that history with a remastered effort as well. So in a rare (hah) moment of selfishness, here are 10 Air Jordan (And Team Jordan) Retros That Would Actually Be Worth A "Remastered" Effort In 2015 (For Me). In other words, I would gladly pay over two thousands dollars (one hundred ninety plus tax ten times over) if all of these retros dropped this year. Because I can and why not? We already know the Air Jordan 10 "Chicago" came back with the "45" numbering that perfectly encapsulates that era when MJ came back the air jordans 1 first time, so this is nothing more than a safe entry on this list.

No offense to the "Barons" Air Jordan 9 that dropped last year, but a proper tribute to MJ's time on the baseball diamond could have been so much more. Case in point, they could have released the same simple black and white 9s that Jordan actually wore and people like myself who are so fascinated by that time period would have gone crazy for them. Granted, I'm not crazy enough to line up for them, but at least I'll wake up early to hopefully cop a pair online. That's got to count for something, right? ÿþThis past week we learned that a lot of sneakerheads were not feeling the month of September, claiming it lacked the heat of previous months. As a result, they proceeded to write off the next few weeks as being lowkey without any worthwhile releases (note: most of these complaints were before the Doernbecher Air Jordan 5 announcement).

Nobody can get enough of a black and white pair of Jordan's. Apparently their executive think we have had enough because they haven't let us get our hands on a pair of these Indiglo's since the original release in 1999. The XIV just recently made its reappearance in the sneaker world but we are still waiting to see the Indiglo come back. ÿþWell this was definitely a hard choice of what XVIII's were actually being missed the most. It still could be debated. However, none of the XVIII's were re-released so altogether the XVIII is a missed model of the Air Jordan. Maybe one of the XVIII's will come back into our community but for now we play the waiting game. ÿþThis Air Jordan is well overlooked but brings a combination of colors rarely used by Jordan Brand.

You can't call it favoritism though, especially since the Giants are amongst the worst teams in the league. Yes, Hakeem Nicks is already sponsored by Jordan Brand, but Tuck would be perfect for the sponsorship. His level of air jordan 11 dominance in the NFL has earned him two Super Bowl rings in his career, and his sneaker collection is well put together as evidenced by the pictures he posts in the freshest retro Air Jordans from his twitter account. It's a long shot lobbying for a defensive lineman to earn a Jordan Brand endorsement (Warren Sapp is the closest comparison), but Tuck would be the perfect big man to start with. ÿþTy Lawson has put up numbers in Denver and has really made his way into prominence since Carmelo left Image the Nuggets in favor of the New York Knicks.

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