2014 REI Novara Randonee Bicycle

816068First let me start off by saying I am very happy with this bicycle. I managed to ride approximately 2000 miles, and it has been a very reliable and comfortable bike for commuting. During that time I only encountered a few problems.

The first problem I encountered was with the tires. The bike came equipped with Continental Touring Plus Reflex tires. I used the Continental tires for approximately the first 1000 miles, and I experienced 1 flat tire and 1 blow out. The blow out was caused by a rupture in the tire, and it forced me to purchase a replacement tire. I decided to replace the Continental tires with Schwalbe Marathon tires for both the front and rear rim, and I haven’t experienced any tire problems since than. I don’t think I would purchase the Continental tires again, because the Schwalbe tires are just more rugged and reliable. On a positive note the Continental tire did stay on the rim, and I didn’t lose control of the bicycle when the tire blew. I was traveling 25mph. I think REI replaced the stock Continental tires with Schwalbe tires for the 2015 and 2016 model years.

The second problem I encountered was with the SRAM TT500 bar end shifter for the rear derailleur. The screw that holds the shifter lever in place managed to loosen and vibrate its way out. Maybe if I had payed more attention to detail during the bike tuneup I may have noticed the loose screw. There were no indications during normal use that the shifter screw had come loose. It wasn’t until the entire lever fell off the end of the bars that I realized the screw was gone. If your bicycle uses the TT500 bar end shifter you might want to remove the screw and apply blue loctite to the threads to prevent this problem from happening to you.

Anyway thats it! Overall its been a very good bicycle and well worth the cost.

Link to the Schwalbe Marathon tires:


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Continental Touring Plus Tire Damage

Blow out in Continental tire


Continental Touring Plus Tire

Continental Touring Plus tire


Schwalbe Marathon Tire

The replacement Schwalbe Marathon tire


Bar end shifter with aftermarket screw

The SRAM TT500 bar end shifter with aftermarket screw

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